Round Rock SC is the longest standing semi pro club in our central area dating back to 2017. Round Rock SC is known for its broad spectrum of involvement in soccer from operating in the USL League 2, UPSL USL Academy and Super Y. We also take pride in our after school program for children in elementary schools and international work in Europe signing players to clubs D1- D4. 



The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity to college students to engage in hands on experience in the sport industry. Through the direction of the Round Rock SC staff, the student will be able to select from a variety of opportunity’s, field, digital, marketing, business, media, ect. The student will be exposed to professional relationships the club has built, league operations, professional staffing and athletes. The program varies in length, the general timeframe is 14 weeks.  

Student Program | Academic Credit

  • Be a current student at an accredited College or University and must certify that they are able to receive college credit for their participation in the program.
  • Possess academic credentials.
  • Possess strong communications skills.
  • Be organized and detail oriented with a focus on quality and consistency.
  • Have analytic skills along with strong computer skills computer skills, and Internet knowledge.
  • Have access to a computer/laptop with reliable internet service.
  • Possess the ability to work under deadlines.
  • Have the basic knowledge of soccer

Business Development

All things Business

This is a broad area in Round Rock that will focus on the business operations within the different departments in our organization. You will get hands on experience with projects, financials, operations, administration, management, legalities and more.  


Help oversee the game day set up

Work with a group of people to set up all home games/events from sponsorship displays, ticket booth, vendors, seating, halftime shows, walk outs, media crew (announcer, national anthem and more)


Social Media Influence

We are always looking to help grow our social influence to be able to share our services with a larger audience. 


Interested in Marketing

Take part as a representative in chamber events to get hands on experience learning how to speak with local business leaders, coordinate and collaborate joint ventures and establish business relationships. Work with a team to get graphics, promotions and media to support operating programs and events. Connect with businesses to help support programming through sponsorships and collaborations.


All Things Digital

We are always looking for candidates to keep up with our online experience, websites, social media and any related content. This would be a good area for anyone knowledgeable in website development and coding for projects.


Intrested in journalism

We are looking for an enthusiastic sports Journalist familiar with soccer to contribute in the publication of timely and accurate news. The successful candidate will be a skilled writer with a passion for the job capable of both informing and entertaining our readers.


Official voice of THE RAM MEDIA

This is a great chance to be able to speak with our affiliates, partners, and soccer relationships all over the world to provide information to our network and whats going on in current soccer. Set up interviews, write up questionaries, record video and voice interviews, post on website, maintain email. Work with graphics and journalism department for publications.



Help maintain compliance and record keeping, get involved and experienced in the legal size of the sports industry.


All things Service

Not sure where you fit it best, this is a great option of introduction. From ticket sales, merch sales, game day set up and more. This is great option to get involved in general operations and services our club hosts.


office side of things

Get experience working with a team to manage and coordinate on projects and events.



Help work the operations of our merchandising store and establish ideas of new deigns and promotional items to use to better support the community with the branding they deserve! 

Fun for the whole family


Lets Get Creative

Photography, videography, game streaming, projects and more.

Current Project: intro video to season home games (cinematography project)