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Home Field #1: Round Rock Multipurpose Complex | 2001 North Kenny Fort BLVD, Round Rock TX 78665

Diego Pinshin
USL 2 Assistant Coach
Joshua Reyes
USL 2 Coach
David Diaz
USL 2 Coach



Given me the opportunity to play at the next level with semi-pro and professional teams.

Gary Van Houten, USL 2 Player

Provided me an opportunity to play at a high level while I am home from school. I have been able to play with many knowledgeable players and I the coaching has been excellent, both things I am grateful for.

Brandon Buchanon, USL 2 Player

Given me complete freedom to live my dream, taught me how to be the best version of myself

Scout Sowder, USL 2 Player

Round Rock introduced me to my first professional environment.

Nicolas Blake, USL 2 Player

It has given me an opportunity to stay fit and compete at a high level. While I wait for professional opportunities in the U.S.

David Brathwaite II, USL 2 Player

Helped me to become a better team player and better individually

Antoine Rojas, USL 2 Player

Round Rock has given an opportunity to play summer league in a professional and competitive environment.

Payne Mckiver, USL 2 Player

RRSC has given me great opportunities and a great pathway to my end goal which is to play professional soccer.

Abdel Elazzami, USL 2 Player

I am currently a new player, but Round Rock SC has already done a lot for me. Just by giving me the opportunity to play at a semiprofessional level, to be able to train with talented players and to be coached by professionals is a good way of helping me improve as a player and as a person. The good vibes we have in the team just makes it enjoyable to play soccer, it helps to keep a high self-esteem and a good mood during the day which is incredible to achieve in this short time I have been part of the team.

Elder Ruiz, USL 2 Player

Signed over my international clearance form when i played in Germany. Also helped me a grow as a player.

Ricardo Rodriguez, USL 2 Player

Created a community for players striving for a higher level of play.

Antony Taylor, USL 2 Player

Give me a opportunity to compete at a high level and help me progress as a player over the summer.

Andrew Rodriguez, USL 2 Player

RRSC has given me the opportunity to be in a professional environment, learn more about the game, and improve as an all-around person. In my first season at RRSC not only did I advance my level of play but I also learned how to work in a team, I created long-lasting friendships, and I improved my all-around confidence.

Adrian Guerrero, USL 2 Player

RRSC has provided a pathway to compete at a very high level in a professional environment while still being eligible to pursue my academic ambitions.

Alexander Francois, USL 2 Player

Round Rock was home for 2 years during my middle school years. Edgar Palacios and his family took my family in and I will always be grateful for that.

Andrew Lopez, USL 2 Player

It has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in soccer and in life as a general

Joao Nascimento, USL 2 Player